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Frequently Asked Questions


What size do I want?

My personal favorite size is 40x40. There's enough fabric for a scarf slide or a buckaroo knot, but most importantly, it will keep me nice and warm!


Some other common sizes are 36x36, 42x42, and 21x21.


**I also offer kid's sizes, if interested just ask!

Can I wash my Wildrag?

Yes, absolutely! Throw it in the washer on a cold cycle with no other items to prevent any snagging, hang dry. If you're seeing some wrinkles, steaming is our first recommendation followed by throwing it in the dryer on an air-only (no heat) cycle. We don't recommend ironing.


How do I wear my wildrag?

There are many different ways to style your wildrag! Some of my personal favorites are a buckaroo square knot, scarf slide, a square knot, or a flat knot. I also love to wear my wildrag as a headbang, wrapped around my ponytail, as a belt, or attach it to my purse!


The "right over left knot"

How do I tie my wildrag?

We have two favorite ways to tie our wildrags around here: the "right over left knot," and  the "buckaroo square knot."​ Click here to watch the tutorials on our youtube channel!


The "right over left knot" is the easiest of the two options. This is simply a double knot, like how you would tie your shoes. It's easily adjusted and quick to tie.

The "buckaroo square knot" is a little more complex than the knot previously listed, and may require some practice. Once you get the hang of it, you'll never look back! 


**TIP** I learned by practicing on my horse's tail!


the "buckaroo square knot"

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